IEEE Blockchain Americas 2022 , August 23 & 24 2022

BCAMS 2022 Registration

Every disruptive technology promises to be that rare mix of problem solver, possess that low barrier to entry/adoption , be secure, and in this era of heightened sensitivity to climate change be able to improve the environmental footprint of the organization and/or processes that use it as a core or enabling technology.

Blockchain Is a peer-to-peer decentralized ledger, that fosters trust, replaces third party intermediaries (such as a bank in finance or certifying authority in quality assurance), increases efficiency due to its immediate validation & ledger format, has transparency in transaction activity, has security arising from multiple users, and finds applicability across multiple industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive, Compliance, Governance, Security (including Cybersecurity). Blockchain, has the potential to improve current processes and systems by acting as a digital enabler across the infrastructure value chain, enabling drastic reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Blockchain-enabled reporting tools allow companies to collect verifiable data, and generate trustworthy reports that demonstrate their ESG credentials (

Blockchain still has challenges such as scalability, speed, and flexibility. Despite this, multiple industries as mentioned above are going ahead with initiatives to make Blockchain an integral part of their business processes both core and peripheral

A Use Case: To evaluate the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) level of a company, ESG reporting is widely adopted especially for listed companies. However, due to the lack of data authentication, consistency, and transparency, the ESG-based sustainability evaluation is still inadequate. As the importance of ESG metrics increases, so does the demand for reliable data measuring them. With no industry-wide set of standards however, they can be difficult to come by and the lack of verified and standardized ESG data can be a significant problem. To solve and overcome this problem, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology in general, has the potential to provide a safe and transparent tool to overcome this obstacle.


IEEE is the largest professional organization in the world, dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. It is also a highly trusted standards organization. Hence it is natural that we are at the forefront of fostering research in, define standards for, dissemination of education & training, and incubating the adoption of Blockchain across Public, Private, and Academic organizations, across the world.

IEEE Blockchain Americas 2022 (BCAMS 2022) is part of a series of Regional (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia) Blockchain Conferences that will culminate in the Global Emerging Tech Forum on November 7-11,  2022.

BCAMS 2022 will be held  on Aug 23 & 24, 2022

    • BCAMS 2022 has as its aim, to make Blockchain technologies easy to understand, implement and use, by disseminating information about them in an easy-to-understand manner coopting the services of academia, industry and government experts, researchers, and stakeholders.


    • BCAMS Americas 2022 will feature speakers, panel discussions, Industry showcases/forums, and educational tracks


    • BCAMS 2022 will foster interest in learning and becoming fluent in the development of Blockchain, within beginners & advanced technologists. It will enable business executives, government decision makers, and academicians better understand the usability of Blockchain in their professional endeavors so that they can advance the use of Blockchain in their areas of endeavor for the benefit of humanity and of the organizations they represent.


    • BCAMS 2022 will be a fully online conference , allowing for people from the entire geography of the Americas to participate in all events fully. Having said that , in keeping with IEEE’s truly global nature and aspirations, people from any part of the world will be able to register and participate at their own convenience.


    • BCAMS 2022 will seek as part of its raison d’être capture Blockchain education and knowledge, that persists beyond its actual dates, in the form of tutorials, pilots and research efforts that can be used in industry, in government, and in education, and their progress presented the world in Global Emerging Tech Forum in Nov 2022, and in the next Blockchain Americas Conference, i.e. BCAMS 2023 – in effect an ongoing chain of Blockchain events!!!


  • We invite Technologists, business stakeholders, government stakeholders, researchers, & aspirants to learning Blockchain in North and South America (and beyond) to register & participate in BCAMS 2022. The value you derive from BCAMS 2022 will be our contribution to Advancing Technology for Humanity!