2022 IEEE 1st Global Emerging Technology Blockchain Forum: Blockchain & Beyond

Are you passionate or perplexed by Blockchain and its many applications and variations?  Are you ready to ride the wave of Blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship, or afraid of missing the boat? — In either case, join the crowd and register for one of the upcoming virtual or hybrid Global Emerging Technologies “GET” Blockchain Forum events. — When you join the LinkedIn Group you’ll connect with thought leaders in the upcoming series of GET Events created to explore a range of Global Emerging Technologies related to Blockchain & Beyond!

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Upcoming Events

VC in Bc – Venture Capital in Blockchain

Date Coming Soon . . . Q1 2023

In-person (Austin, TX) + Virtual

IEEE VC in BC Conference and Demo Day connects Web3 startups to VC searching for the next unicorn! This 1-day event will be hosted at the University of Texas at Austin campus.

Past Events

2022 Nov 7-11: IEEE Global Emerging Technology “GET2022” Blockchain Forum

Join the crowd and visit the IEEE 2022 Global Emerging Technologies Forum! A 5-day virtual event!  GET2022 will connect you with thought leaders and in industry and academia. Attend the many panels, presentations, and workshops to explore a range of Global Emerging Technologies related to “Blockchain & Beyond!”. The 5th Workshop on Blockchains for Inter-Organizational Collaboration (BIOC’22) will also take place during this event on Nov 9th!